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OrganisationsĀ andĀ TeamsĀ 

Strategy, communication, and cultural change

Iseult might be right for you if your organisation fits the following profile:

  • Your organisation is experiencing communication difficulties
  • Your organisation is focusing on developing strategy or business plans
  • Your organisation recognises a need for cultural change

Working with Organisations

Iseult is a thoughtful change facilitator and can help you:

  • Achieve consensus on difficult issues
  • Identify concerns and issues that impede change, both interpersonal issues and market issues
  • Support teams to find ways to work together more effectively
  • Develop strategic and business plans
  • Generate ideas for new products and services

Training and Seminars

Iseult provides training on a variety of topics including:

  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communications

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