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Board Effectiveness

Effective Boards through thorough Self-Assessment

Iseult might be right for you if your board fits the following profile:

  • Your board is questioning issues around governance and decision-making
  • Your board requires external help to facilitate a deep and thorough self-assessment
  • Your board is experiencing difficult interpersonal dynamics
  • Your board recognises a need for cultural change

Iseult has held Chair and Treasurer positions on a number of not-for-profit boards.  Having led a SOX compliance project at Aviva she has experience in the implementation of SOX, US legislation which regulates corporate governance and financial practice in enterprises.

Board Effectiveness through Self Assessment

Based on my understanding of behavioural change, gained through years of facilitating organisational development, developing an effective board culture depends on:

  • A critical mass of directors (including a few of your board leaders) perceive a need for change
  • Other board members are willing to try new ways of acting and will not actively oppose the process
  • Directors agree with the assesment of the current situation
  • Directors understand that change takes time and they are willing to commit to making the change
  • There a basic level of trust and cooperation among the directors
  • Directors believe they can individually contribute by learning new skills and behaviours
  • The Board and organization support and reinforce new ways of doing things


The best way of achieving these goals is through a thorough, interview based, board assessment. Iseult can facilitate assessment in the following areas:


Effectiveness of the Board 

Develop comprehensive feedback for the board based on structured interviews with each director.  Interviews will entail the director discussing his/her responses to a questionnaire that covers key areas of board performance, but also seeks to probe the group dynamics at play on the board.


Effectiveness of the Chair

Provide the Chair with feedback from the rest of the board about chair’s perceived areas of strength and development in critical areas.  The report will cover areas such as:

  • Working with management
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Internal board relationships
  • Managing the board
  • Creating a culture of good governance

Effectiveness of Individual Directors

Develop a report on each director for the chair to enable him/her conduct feedback discussions with the director. The report is created from 360 feedback provided by directors about each board member, but seeks to understand how group dynamics are playing out in the performance of the individual director.