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Iseult White started her career in Silicon Valley, training Apple engineers in software design.  She quickly moved to the business side of technology becoming a global marketing manager in services and products.  During that time she authored two successful technology books.
Iseult founded a successful US based management consulting firm that led major organisational development programs at Fortune 100 companies like Bankers Trust, J P Morgan, IBM, Motorola, McDonnell Douglas, and McKesson Corporation. She later took on VP of Marketing roles at a number of technology start-ups.
She now works as a management consultant and executive coach, combining her years of business experience with the knowledge gained from a Masters in Psychotherapy, and her years of mindfulness practice and teaching.  She maintains a small private psychotherapy practice (

In my own words ....

"I believe that organisational success rests on the development of leaders and management teams, combined with the resolution of the complex systemic issues that always arise in groups of humans. 
My relationships are based on honesty, integrity, and clarity, tempered by my own successes and failures working in a variety of senior roles, and building my own company.
If you would like to get a sense of my personal style listen to this interview on mindfulness with Brendan O’Connor on the Finucane show RTE Radio One."

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